A Lesson on Asparagus

First things first – the popsicles are show stoppers.  Could have used a little less sugar or honey, will probably use 2/3 the amount called for next time, but oh my lord.  I am a happy girl.

And now, onto asparagus!  I didn’t think it was possible for someone to like asparagus more than me, but today I found that there is such a person.  Her name is Nicky.  Nicky grew up picking asparagus on the farms where she grew up.  Asparagus obsession runs in her family.  I think it does in mine too.

First off, most asparagus is grown in tunnels.  Second, there are three types of asparagus: green, white, and purple.  Asparagus turns green when grown in the sun (tunnels have skylights for green asparagus), and white asparagus is grown completely in the dark.  White asparagus is harvested at night so never has a chance to turn green.  Without the sun, it doesn’t absorb the chlorophyll and remains albino.

Asparagus grows so quickly that it has to be harvested on a daily basis.  Snip snip one day and the next you’ll have another!  Each asparagus plant pops out of the ground as one single spear – what an insane vegetable.

I need to do more research to find out why purple asparagus is purple.  Wasn’t going to include it but I found this amazing picture of all three types so I had to!   It’s just such a gorgeous color.  Hopefully I’ll find all three colors at the market this weekend and be able to make a tricolore asparagus somethingorother.

PS.  Not everything is going to be about food.  I am a well-rounded person.  I promise.

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