Adventures with Pteebs

Little teebs is home from school, and everyone who knows me is acutely aware that pteebs is my absolute favoritest person in the whole entire world.

As a belated birthday present, I decided to take him for a day adventure.  An impulsive duo, we decided to follow the wind where it took us.  We decided Santa Barbara.  Almost 2 hours (and one In-N-Out pit stop later) we landed in Camarillo.  Traffic was awful and we were still 45 miles from Santa Barbara.  Normally not quitters, we didn’t want the waste the day so putzed around the Camarillo outlets, turned around and shot over to Malibu.  Best. Decision. Ever.

We drove over Las Virgenes Canyon, such a special drive, almost worth driving to Malibu just to experience it.  Almost.

We began our Malibu adventure by exploring the Adamson House and Malibu lagoon.  The Adamson House was setting up for a wedding (putting that in my back pocket) so pteebs and I, the interrupting mongrels that we are, proceeded on our merry way for a walk around the lagoon.  We saw pelicans, baby ducks, loons, went tidepooling (tide was too high to actually see any tidepool-dwelling creatures), discussed an impressive business idea my brother and his friend are throwing about, and caught a surfing competition.

Not quite ready for dinner yet, we explored the Malibu Pier, drank a beer at the Beachcomber and watched an intensely amusing white trash old-man cover band performing with the ocean as their backdrop.  Many laughs later, we decided it was time to make our way to dinner.

After hearing about The Reel Inn over and over from one of my bosses, I decided it was the perfect place for little teebs and I to do his birthday dinner.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Everything was so fresh and delicious.  I had the orange roughy, little teebs had the yellow tail, both cajun style with fries and rice, and we split crab cakes (was that mango salsa on top?)… perfectly complimented by the sounds of the ocean across PCH.  Or was that traffic?  The crab cakes were a little skinny looking, but tasted so good that I could forgive them.  But just barely.

We rounded the night out with a stop at the Sweet Rose Creamery.  Holy sweet delicious amazingness!  Salted caramel ice cream on a chocolate waffle cone?  Malted chocolate with toasted hazelnut praline?  S’mores ice cream pies?  God rest my sweetened soul.

Happy Belated Birthday Pteebs!  I hope you slept nicely through your food coma.

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