A Saturday in Cambria

Cambria = magic.  The fog drifts through the trees along the coast, and then drive five minutes inland and you feel like you’re in Italy.

We began our Cambria adventure with a drive to the Linn’s Fruit Bin Farm, eating olallieberry pies and feeding the domesticated peacocks Randy and Andy!  Linn’s Fruit Bin also has a delicious restaurant in Cambria, but if you’re looking for a snack and an adventure, meander down the long windy country road, grab a spoon and a pie, and be sure to invest 25 cents in peacock chow.  If you are in the mood for a major adventure, afterward fueling up at the farm, swing by the elephant seal beach (you’ll get to see millions of elephant seals and their frighteningly large babies if you go in the spring) on your way up to Hearst Castle.

Once we had our fill of pie, ice cream and olallieberry lemonade (an olallieberry, for those who are wondering, is a cross between a loganberry, a blackberry, and a raspberry), we headed back into town for some antique shopping (a vintage bee smoker?  that is the opposite of not awesome), and then onto the Cambria coast.  The beach was typical Central California foggy, the grey sky melting into the ocean, with a seal head popping up every so often.  Magical.

We ended our night at Robin’s, a Malaysian-inspired restaurant built in an old home, with an outdoor/indoor patio with TREES going through it!  Little teebs had the Peach Glazed Baby Pork Back Ribs, Teo (little teebs’ friend) had the Slippery Lobster Enchiladas, the Madre ordered Malaysian Chicken, and I got the special – the Dry Fried Malaysian Beef.  Nothing was short of spectacular.  There was a lot of sharing that night.  And the desserts!  We split a sundae, the bread pudding and the chocolate mousse shooters?  Oh my.  Food coma.  Thank goodness Teo has the most amazing appetite I’ve ever experienced or we might have died of overindulence.  Thank you Teo for saving our lives.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the adventure…

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