The Bruery Orchard White

Never in my life have I been a beer girl… until recently.  It’s not that I drink beer all the time, but I am strangely enticed to try new beers when I come across them.  Teo turned me onto Unibroue at Robin’s in Cambria (he was drinking La Fin Du Monde – perfect beer for this blogger!) and it was delish and almost cinnamon-y.

I recently came across this amazing wine-shaped beer bottle at Whole Foods, which seems to be getting more and more common.  Brilliant marketing tool for enticing girls like me who normally drink wine (or cocktails).

Their “unparalleled California White Ale offers flavors of fresh citrus, bready wheat and a hint of lavender.”  Anyway, this girl is incredibly happy to have been suckered in by a brilliant (or inadvertent) marketing ploy.  Try it for yourself.

And next time I am at the market, I will be purchasing every single beer they make.

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