Rinconada Dairy

Jim and Christine Maguire own one of the only two licensed sheep cheeseries in California, the Rinconada Dairy.  They produce three cheeses, two are pure sheep’s milk (Pozo Tomme and La Panza Gold) and one is a mix of sheep and Nubian goat milk (Chapparal).  Their award-winning cheeses are produced in limited quantities, as everything on the farm is done by Jim and Christine (breeding, lambing, feeding, milking, cheese making and affinage).

Visiting them is so special, not only because of the farm and all of the adventures I can have, but because they are honestly two of the most kind, generous, lovely and amazing people in the world.

The cheese (and Jim in the background)

Christine and her amazing cheese knife

They also breed goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, have an array of wandering cats and a few herding dogs.  Their produce is all homegrown, we had the most delicious meal I’ve had in months.  Pasta with veg from the garden, cheese from their dairy, and spicy Italian sausage from their piggies.

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