Rockaway Taco

I have watched this video by The Selby three times.  Rockaway taco is rad and their enthusiasm is  contagious!  There is a taco stand, an ice cream shop + a veggie patch operated by a group of young surfer crazies near New York City.   And I say that with the most endearing of tones as I refer to only the best people as crazies.  You have to be a bit of crazy to do something amazing with your life, methinks.

Once I figure out how to imbed a video onto this site (I’ve tried at least 20,000 times and the video just won’t show up!  Heartbreaking.) best believe I will share.

rockaway taco

the jefe

el menu

ingredients for salsa

Check it out here.  And here.  And watch the video here.

Anyway, I love that people are creating amazing places like this… like Marta Teegan and Cookbook, her green grocer in Echo Park.

I want something that makes me this happy.  Something like this for myself… but not quite this because this is not quite me.  Although perhaps I’ll start sleeping on my rooftop too.

all of the images are from rockaway taco’s flickr

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