Artisanal LA

After a morning of pumpkin mayhem it was delightful to be able to escape with Nicky to Artisanal LA.  We arrived on the late side, so some of the booths were already closing up but what we did end up seeing was so wonderful – and the food we sampled was delicious.  LA has culinary artisans popping up left and right, from cheese makers to butchers to confectioners to distillers… I could go on and on.

Nicky LOVES meat.  It’s incredible.  Not just meat but all food.  I love listening to her talk about food and flavors and the processes of making things…  I went to a wine + cheese tasting a few nights ago with her and some of the chefs and I just died listening to them.  It was amazing.  I love listening to all of our chefs talk about food.  They’re all so knowledgeable and so passionate… I could listen to them talk for hours.  I’m going to another event with them tomorrow and I can’t wait!

the beginning
the middle
the grotesque end

Anyway, I digress.  The reason I brought up Nicky + meat is because we met these two girls at Artisan LA who are opening a butcher right down the street from me in December, called Lindy + Grundy.  Local, pastured + organic meats.  Phenomenal.  It’s going to be so much fun to walk there and buy meat for the week!

Also, I FINALLY met the people from Backward Beekeepers.  I’ve been hearing about them for months.  And months and months.  They’re a local group in LA who rescue problem beehives from people’s houses and place them in homes where people want bees to make honey.  What the effing jesus.  That is baller.  I think Nicky fell in love with them too.

The second coolest part of the adventure was coming upon a farm’s booth that was closing up shop for the night and let Nicky and I take home some baby lettuces + chard + baby cauliflower!  I have killed most of my plants so I talked to Nicky a bit about what I should do to keep them alive… they’re too small to go into big pots I jerry-rigged a little somethin somethin out of solo cups until they get big enough.  I poked holes in the bottom of the cup and put it in another cup to catch the water, using some plastic beads inbetween to create space and avoid root rot.  Gross.  I think that’s how I kill most of my plants.  I just love them too much…

garden is done
waiting for sunshine

Then… my THIRD favorite part of the adventure was to round out the night with mezcal cocktails, nopales, mole, ribs and Mariachis at my favorite Oaxacan restaurant, Quelaguetza.  Yum. Yum. Yum.

So I didn’t get to those cheddar apple scones.  Hopefully I will sometime this week but looking at my next week… slash two… it might be a little while.  Sadface.

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