Fermentation overdose

Tasting six new flavors of bucha kombucha on an empty stomach with zero sleep and lingering sickness?  Worst idea ever.  Loopiness is taking over.  But… at least I finally discovered a Kombucha that agrees with me.

I’ve been living on massive doses of Coconut Kefir… per Shelley (who I trust whole-heartedly when it comes to anything health-related) it will help me on a journey I am taking in getting myself back into tip top shape and just generally more happy about myself.  Kefir is kind of gross.  But makes me feel good… so I drink it.

BUT when the bucha rep promised me his product would rid me of my disdain for kombucha I had to try it.  If only to prove him wrong.

I got served.

Delish.  Especially masala chai and verbena rose.  Mmm.  Just a tad worried about sugar content.  Time to do some research.

Now on to my polenta pizza.

And being excited that Cassandra blogged about the C’est Beau opening last night.  And the champagne-frenzy inducing Wicked Games.

Teo, Beau, Sam + Company… congrats on your opening.  You are lovely gentlemen.

Now go deck yourself out my jewelry kids.

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