Eh-riffic scones

I’m kind of sad.  Those cheddar + apple scones I’ve been wanting to make for weeks were not so good, but then again I’m pretty sure it was my fault.  They should have been delicious…

So first off I had to pilfer eggs from my parents house since I had none.  A trip to say hello turned into hi can I please have two eggs (just kidding can I please have three so I can eat one for breakfast tomorrow)?  I also didn’t have any milk at the house… but decided vanilla almond milk would do since I didn’t want to continue to slip things into my bag as I walked out the door.  Bad idea when baking savory scones.

Number one, my peeler sucks.

sucky peeler

Number two, I can’t core apples (or pears) to save my life.  I need a corer.

see, i told you i need a corer

Then I was distracted and dancing to Lady Gaga and used twice the required amount of baking powder.  And I am being healthy so I decided to use whole wheat flour.  Whole wheat flour scones are kind of gross.  The texture just doesn’t work.  I’m sorry.  They just can’t be made healthy and delicious.  They’re delicious when they’re fatty and buttery.

i love cheese

whole wheat flour.  good for some things, bad for scones

the finished product. not so delicious.

You can substitute low fat milk for cream or whole milk though.  There’s one ingredient that can be slightly healthified.

On a positive note, I learned a few lessons in baking today.  The next scone I make will be glorious.  Just you wait.

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