I’m still, I’m still an Animal

Nicky is my new favorite person to go to restaurants with.  Number one, she’s awesome and I adore her (I love making new friends!).  Number two, she’s so knowledgeable that my food knowledge increases leaps and bounds every time we go out together.  Number three, I trust her judgment and so order things I wouldn’t normally eat and haven’t once been lead astray.

We went to Animal the other night (I haven’t been since right after it opened) and holy amazingness I think I had the best meal of my life.  And we were sitting next to Benedikt Taschen (who apparently is an investor in the restaurant?!) so that added to my euphoric state of mind.

We started off with a Lambrusco (sparkling red wine? who knew… it’s quickly turned into my favorite beverage) and crispy pigs ears topped with an egg and chili, which we devoured so quickly it escaped capture by my camera… slash my iPhone, hence why the quality of these images leaves much to be desired…


Crispy pigs ears topped with egg

We then proceeded to eat one of the most undescribably delicious dishes I think I’ve ever had.  Wait for it… wait for it… Poutine with oxtail gravy and cheddar.  My arteries are clogging as I’m sitting here writing about it.  But the flavors that explode your mouth are something everyone should experience at least once in their life.  Vegetarians you are not excluded from this statement.

The bbq pork belly sliders with slaw arrived with our poutine.  They were on par with the rest of our meal but the poutine blew everything else out of the water.

Toffee pudding and a melt-in-your-mouth panna cotta rounded out the evening.

Gluttony at its best.  I don’t think I ate for the next three days after.  Which is a blatant lie.

One response to “I’m still, I’m still an Animal

  1. Ahhhhh…Love this! Michael and I were on a crazy Poutine kick in Maine…what a Canadian treat! Must have here. xoxox

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