I Heart Chloe

I squealed in delight when Chloe announced she was already in town.  Seriously.  People turned around and looked at me funny.

I decided to turn our adventure into a surprise since she hasn’t been home in a bit so I planned the entire adventure from beginning to end.  Her only instructions were to be at my house by 8:30.

The night began at the Lazy Ox Canteen, which is one of my favorite restaurants downtown, along with Church and State.  We started with a glass of one of my favorites, Lambrusco, at the bar (?! it’s popping up everywhere).  Tables were turning more slowly than the restaurant thought so we ended up sitting at the bar all night, which was totally fine.  Our bartender was wonderful and we could watch the kitchen from our perch – and they were so thankful that we were mellow about it that they bought us our first round of drinks.  I love it when you’re rewarded for awesomeness.

the view of the kitchen from our perch

Everything was delicious… the only thing I wasn’t raving about was the crispy marrow with lentils, but since it was mistakenly ordered for us instead of the creamy farro, smoked sundried tomato + marrow butter it was totally fine… at least we got to try it!

The best part of sitting at the bar was the fact that our bartender paired tastes of wines with the dishes.  A little white for the egg dish (served in a shell, there is egg/pancetta/a bit of maple/a bit of something creamy, you stir it all up and eat it out of the egg with little mini spooooooooons oh em gee it was so much fun to eat!)

A little Crianza for our creamy farro… stuck with our Lambrusco for the yellowtail (the type of yellowtail you could eat every day for the rest of your life).  The 2003 Crianza we drank was everything opposite of what I normally hate about reds.  Super smooth.  No bitter burn after… it also didn’t give me the headache reds usually give me, so I wonder if it’s because it’s light in sulfates?  No idea but it was thebombdotcombackslashawesome.

Crianza Valdubon ’03

We skipped dessert as we had two more spots to hit up.

We skiddaddled over to the Varnish and got two of the bartenders choice… an Queen’s Park Swizzle and something with peach.  I have no idea what it was called.  I love the Varnish partially just because of the ambiance… it’s so secret and feels like a Speakeasy.  The 20’s ambiance also meant that taking pictures without flash was near impossible and I hate pictures with flash that just blow everything out.  So no pictures.

Then… per Chris’ suggestion we ran across the street to Las Perlas.  If you ever venture downtown it is a necessary stop.  I give it five stars.  Five gold stars.  It might even be my new favorite bar… SICK cocktails.  Mezcal.  Hot bartenders.  Check, check and check.

look at those colors!


The 400 rabbits was amazing… tequila, edible flowers… but I had same picture problem I had at the Varnish, so I snagged a picture from an LA Times review.  Chloe’s Spicy Marg was also delish but so spicy I could barely drink it.  And I’m a girl who loves spice.  And jalapenos.

my pictures didn’t compare, so i snagged this picture from the LA Times

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