Vanilla Bean Pudding and Golden State

It has been so long since I’ve posted… I feel like I’ve abandoned my lovely little blog!  Well today, all that changes.

Before mini me left, I made Vanilla Bean Pudding from Smitten Kitchen, as I’m sure many of you now know it is my favorite food blog.  Although I recently discovered Food 52… but that’s more of an online food community.  Look at me getting all fancy in my differentiations.

First, I have to admit something.  I don’t like pudding.  I never have.  The texture of it freaks me out and makes me want to gag.  So why did I make Vanilla Bean Pudding?  Beats me.  I feel wasteful because it’s sitting in my fridge.  I was hoping rooms and her friends might eat it but I also don’t think I made it clear that I didn’t actually want to eat it… just learn how to make it.  Which, by the way, is surprisingly easy.

mixing and whisking

setting (right before I put them into the fridge)

finished and ready to eat!

For pudding, it’s awesome.  Much better than box-made pudding (of course).  The flavor is great (I did add a lil splash of rum at the end)… texture, not so much.  But that’s just a matter of opinion.  My opinion.  Peter enjoyed it.

Then we ran down the street for some burgers at Golden State.  I had the turkey burger with jalapeno cole slaw (cole slaw was bomb… no mayo, it was dressed with red wine vinaigrette.  I wish I had gotten the regular burger like Peter but I’m on a diet – 5 lbs lost in 2 weeks woooooo! – so I got turkey.  Boring.  And charcoal-y.  Gross.) and Peter got the regular burger with fries.  BTW – Golden State has this sick curry ketchup that you need to go try.

turkey burger and jalapeno cole slaw… look at the colors in that slaw!

And they make floats out of beer.  Not root beer.  Real beer.  And they have awesome ice cream.  Brown bread ice cream… whaaaa?

The little one (who is way bigger than me) is mad I’m taking pictures.  And he’s grumps because he’s going back to school.  Getting your masters degree in mechanical engineering is hard work.  But he’s in France right now working on a project.  So I’m a lil jeals.  Bring me some cheese!  Nomnomnom.


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