Dark Chocolate Skies and White Chocolate Hippos

For Hil’s birthday, I decided to get a lil creative… with dark chocolate skies (I will explain where the white chocolate hippos come in in just one moment).

dark chocolate skies and white chocolate hippos

I read about these dark chocolate disks in Donna Hay’s Flavors – what an amazing cookbook.  Gorgeous pictures and lots of information to absorb.  The dark chocolate disks called for little round metallic sprinkles so I ran around LA trying to find them… seriously, three places didn’t have them.  This doesn’t happen to me.

Finally, someone from Surfas informed me that some fucktard decided they were dangerous and started an campaign against them and got them outlawed in California.  What a douche.  (New York friends, please send me some.)

Anyhoo… I found some AMAZING edible gold metallic stars instead.  They reminded me of this Chanel jumpsuit from a few years ago that looked like a starry night sky… and since Hilary is a major fashionista, I thought she’d appreciate.

the inspiration

I was going to mix it up with a combination of dark chocolate + white chocolate rounds (day + night skies) but apparently white chocolate doesn’t like to melt properly (And did you know white chocolate isn’t really even chocolate?  It doesn’t contain chocolate liquor, a key ingredient in chocolate.  What a fraud!).

dark chocolate

melting dark chocolate

white chocolate

clumpy non-melting white chocolate

I’m always digressing.  Always.  So anyway.  I have this amazing adorable hippo cookie mold that I’ve never used, SO I thought why not make white hippos instead?!  Mix it up a bit!  So I did.  And they’re so damn cute.

the night sky

white hippos!

a starry white hippo

chanel + hippos: the finished product

Oh, and I love wrapping presents.  Love love love.

the wrap job

close up

and a close up of the flower, just because

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