Word To Yo Mutha

How cute is this one?!!? Her name is Candice Kumai and apparently she’s all over TV – not that I have one so, I had no idea who she was until today… but I think the TV thing might change.  Just because I miss the Food Network.  Everything else I can basically watch online if I want but Ina… Giada… my heart is aching without you.  And apparently I missed out on this one…

Candice Kumai aka the Stiletto Chef

But seriously.  Who else but me would call a microplane sexy?  Candice Kumai, that’s who.  I can’t wait to try our her recipes.  I’m pre-ordering her cookbook today from amazon.com but she has a few recipes on her website, so I think I am going to have to make some Sweet Sunday Brunch scones this weekend.  Or I might just Jam it Out Yo.

sweet sunday brunch scones

jammy jam

Slash… her recipe for Platinum Mac and Cheese made me die.  Funny awesome die.  Not bad curl up into a ball die.  Why is it called Platinum Mac and Cheese?  Well… why don’t I let Candice explain it to you.

“Yeah, word. I said Platinum, cause silver is sooo tacky and 2nd place, gold is for your 90’s minimalism comeback and Platinum… that means you’re the shit. So is this recipe yo.”

She is freaking adorable.  Cooking, patterns, colors and PLATINUM.

Word to yo mutha.

**all pics are courtesy of stilettochef.com**

One response to “Word To Yo Mutha

  1. Youre awesommmmme duudette! Muah! Mucho kisses for that yo!
    Word up! xxx ck

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