Huckleberries and Blood Oranges

Oh Huckleberry, why art thou located so far away from me?  It would be my dream to have you right across the street from my humble abode.  I would swoon with delight every morning as I frolicked my way across the avenue for a latte and a bite or some other bits and bobs.

A lovely, warm and sunny January day (yesterday!), Cassandra and I could not bear the thought of staying at home so we decided to frolic our way around Santa Monica.  Starting at Huckleberry, we ordered a plethora of food… a blood orange cake (I melted.  Sweet and tart and vanilla-y and fruity with an insanely perfectly creamy frosting.  Normally not a fruity dessert kind of girl, I saw this sucker and I couldn’t resist), chocolate truffle pudding (decadently delicious), a burrata, red pepper and prosciutto sandwich (burrata is… quite simply… the most amazing culinary invention known to man), and a turkey sandwich (grapes on a turkey sandwich? yes please!).  Dessert first?  Absolutely.

just a mere sampling of the desserts

blood orange cake

and for you voyeurs… a close up

truffle pudding

pepper/burrata/prosciutto deliciousness

turkey sammie

Then we moseyed on over to the promenade for some retail therapy.  Well… it turned into more of an “I’m going to take pictures of things I would like in my house” kind of afternoon.

Like these polka-dotted pencils…

And these stacking giraffe planters…

This octopus plate…

These ottomans and this planter…

And ALL of these bowls.  Every.  Single.  Last.  One.

Aka I’m going to take pictures of every single thing in Anthropologie.

And to end on… the booties Cassandra got me while I was outside on a tres important phone call.  Now every time my feet are warm, I will think of you, m’lady.  Like right now.

One response to “Huckleberries and Blood Oranges

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post! Miss you! I can’t believe that was JANUARY!!!!! Say what???

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