Andouille and Dijon Polenta

Ooooh the first recipe I made from Food 52!  I have so many saved, it’s silly.  I’m desperately trying to get through the backlog of recipes I have piled up but it’s difficult!  I have millions it seems… plus about 58 cookbooks on my wishlist.  Oy.

So polenta and I have a weird history.  I love polenta cakes – had a phenomenal polenta cake topped with slow roasted tomatoes and burrata at Cliff’s Edge, but previous to that I’d only had it the way my mom cooks it.  My mom is an amazing cook, but I’ve never enjoyed the straight forward polenta in a skillet that she makes.  Sorry mom.

But, given my discovery that I do in fact like some forms of polenta, I thought I’d try this puppy out.  Andouille and dijon?  Count me in.

So… I had a few snafus along the way.  1. I didn’t have tarragon.  WTF I thought I had some.  So I used a tsp of fennel seeds instead.  Pretty good.  2. I brought the only bottle of white wine I had in the house to my friends as a thank you for when they cooked dinner for me.  Oy.  I used a dash of white Lambrusco.  Not the best idea… kind of effed with the milk, but still ended up ok.  3. Forgot to get cream so used lowfat milk.  Eep.

Seriously, none of them were emergencies and the dish still turned out delicious (although I’m still a bit wary on the texture of polenta).  I served it with an arugula side salad with a simple citrus vinegar and olive oil dressing.  And a glass of white Lambrusco.

**An update – I had the most amazing short ribs with polenta at The Village Idiot with Franks on Saturday night… and I didn’t mind the texture.  Quite enjoyed it in fact.  Off to the laboratory for some polenta-centric experiments!**

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