Cake Stands and Sea Shells

Linds and I needed a day of adventure, so we went for an afternoon Abbot Kinney adventure… lunch at Gjelina (yum), a pop in at C’est Beau (now closed, sad), and some explorer adventuring!  Guess what we found…

Have you ever been to Obsolete on Abbot Kinney?  If not… you must go and play in this house of treasures.  I had heard of it since I’ve used it to get furniture and random accoutrements for various projects and things BUT I’d never actually BEEN there.  It’s a little girls playground.  Aka my playground.  Cake stands and sea shells and (deliciously) smelly soaps and beautiful candles and decorative (but usable) matches… oh my!

If I had a seaside cottage, I would have pieces from this store everywhere.  It also very much makes me want to open a store.  My own store.  My very own store slash cafe.  Kind of like Maison Midi and Cafe Midi on La Brea combined with Joan’s on Third (I always joke to my family that it’s going to be called Julia’s on Beverly).  Two of my favorite daytime spots.  I shall have to go soon and take pictures so I can write about it…should you decide to visit in the interim, I’ve never had a salad or a sandwich there I didn’t like…

PS I forgot my camera (again, le sigh) so apologies for the quality as these puppies were taken on my iPhone.  My old iPhone.  Not the new one with the fancy schmancy camera.


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