In a San Francisco State of Mind

Amidst running between meetings and interviews all over the city, I somehow found the time to trek out to Tartine to pick up some delicious delicacies as a thank you to my aunt and uncle for graciously letting me take over my cousin’s room for a few days (a banana cream tart, chocolate hazelnut tart and a chocolate eclair? pinch me!) while stopping for a moment to enjoy a soppressata/fontina/broccoli rabe pressed sandwich and a latte at Tartine’s communal dining tables.

tartine – always a line!

banana cream pie

chocolate eclairs

**Little ::sad:: sidenote – while at the aquarium this weekend, I somehow managed to lose my camera.  All of my San Francisco pictures (and aquarium fishy pictures!!!) are gone.  Lost.  Vanished.  Vaporized.  Into the big black hole of a sharks’ jaws.  Or perhaps into somebody’s back pocket… luckily my partner in crime took a few aquarium photos so I will be posting those, but I am in serious mourning over my seahorse videos.**

If you care to see more pictures (or read an awesome interview about the Tartine-rs) head on over to The Selby.  That’s where these pictures are from.  You can also go here for a piece from The Edible Selby column Todd is contributing to every issue of T magazine.  I can’t wait to see the places we’ll go with him…

Now, back to the story!  Then I rushed (raced!) over to Omnivore Books on food to check out this cookbook store I’ve been seeing everywhere… blogs, articles, literally EVERYWHERE…  I’m so sad I don’t have my pictures from this store.  Stacks and stacks and STACKS of cookbooks.  They’re doing the most wonderful things – read all about it from the NY Times piece.  What a special place.  Celia (lovely Celia!) allowed me to wander, take pictures and babble about how excited I was to be there.  She even told me about her favorite cookbooks.  Unfortunately, I left Saturday morning and missed the cookie bake off.  Those Fleur de Sel chocolate chip monstrosities definitely would have won.

omnivore interior (courtesy of omnivore’s website!)

My favorite part?  Being in there when a neighbor swung by, picked up a dozen fresh eggs and exclaimed how excited she was the chickens were producing again.  Sweet.

Last trek?  The Ferry Building per Celia’s suggestion.  How fun – I wish I could have been there on a Farmer’s Market day.  Perhaps another trip.  Or if I end up moving.  But who knows… there are also some amazing things on the horizon here… so much to figure out.

Anyway, I picked up a delicious espresso beverage at the Cowgirl Creamy that was creamy and delicious and made its way down my throat like warm ice cream… and gallivanted my way back across the bridge and eventually found my way home.

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