Easy Peasy Tomato Sauce

Simplest recipe ever but oh so delicious.  It’s what I had for dinner last night on top of Mezzaluna pasta with basil pesto filling.  Mmm mmm good.  I personally like keeping the onions, slicing them up and reintegrating them into the pasta sauce.  My little brother taught me that. ❤

and since my camera still has not arrived (whimper), here’s a picture courtesy of smitten kitchen

Have sauce left over?  Makes a delicious breakfast the next morning… cook the eggs in the leftover sauce (not scrambled! just drop em in there!), put it on top of a crusty piece of toasted bread with a bit of salt, pepper, freshly grated parm and BAM!!! perfect breakfast.  You can also get a lil sauteed spinach in on that action and it’s pretty freaking fantastic.  A simple shakshuka made from leftovers.


I love the smell of butter and onions cooking in my kitchen…

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