Fashioning Fashion and a Greasy Wiener

Oh there are a few reasons it’s nice to have some time off of work… one of them being the ability to go to museums mid-week.  You can have an awesome girlie art + fashion-centric adventure without people judging your swooning and insane amounts of picture taking.

Cassandra, Ruth and I explored the Fashioning Fashion exhibit at LACMA on Friday and if you haven’t been you’re seriously missing out.  Incredible.  Incredibly incredible.  Jaw-droppingly incredible.

Cassandra and Ruth scoping out the scene

Being the over-eager girls we are, we got to the museum before it even opened (oops) so took some time to sit in the sun on the stunningly large grassy open space along 6th street where they have installed concrete lounge chairs (artistic, of course!) and drink some coffee.  Also got some face time with one of my favorite LACMA peeps who stole away from the office long enough to validate our parking and our existences.

rad exhibition design

what Cassandra’s making me for Christmas


my monday night dinner party attire

The pieces in the exhibition are unreal.  Makes me wish I lived in a time where I could walk around with a dandy on my arm, enrobed in an insane mix of textiles, embroidery and full on FOUF.  The exhibition design is so imaginative, I’d love to meet the person who put it all together.

And… if you’re someone who actually knows how to sew (not like me who can only sew in a straight line, hence why I’m making pillows next week!) there are patterns you can download on the LACMA website to make the pieces yourself.  Perhaps I should start taking lessons for that mere fact alone?

Suckers for contemporary art, we ran in circles in the Richard Serra pieces and fantastized about climbing into Jeff Koon’s gigantic metallic cracked-open egg.  Unfortunately museum guards prevented us from doing so.

picture three girls just peeking out from inside

one of my faves – can’t wait for this to be in my backyard

Then we swung by Dagny Corcoran’s Art Catalogues (yum, art books!) and  picked up some grub (delicious hot dog grub) at the Greasy Wiener food truck on Wilshire.  And spent some time swooning over the wiener impressario himself, Adam “Iggy” Dragotta.  Chicken apple sausage dog with sauteed onions from a delicious looking hipster wiener man?  Yes please.  With a veggie dog, a regular dog, a chicken apple sausage dog and a plate of curly fries (and all of us greatly enjoying every last bite…) I’d say the day was complete.

Greasy Wiener

::my camera STILL hasn’t come.  it’s supposed to be here Monday.  STILL giving you iPhone pix::

One response to “Fashioning Fashion and a Greasy Wiener

  1. mmmmm what a delightful day and I’m not mad at good looking guys serving us greasy wieners… just sayin. hahahaha.

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