Pom Poms and Pazzo Gelato

I ❤ productive Saturdays just as much as I love lazy Sundays.

It started off with a project for Cassandra + my Monday night Valentine’s Day dinner party… festive pom poms for the chandelier!  Btw Martha Stewart, you suck at giving instructions.  Really suck.  How vague can you get?  I had to google instructions for your own project!  That’s not supposed to happen.  Whatever, Martha.  I know it was probably one of your peons who posted the instructions but I am mad at you.  And at them.  My first instruction-less pom pom was a DISASTER.

see?  disaster.  crumpled up because i got so freaking mad disaster.

So thank you lovely Nothing but Bonfires for appeasing my anger and giving clear, concise directions on how to make a tissue paper pom pom.

see?  look how pretty.

Decor crisis averted.

Adventure number two?  A fantastic two lap loop around the Silverlake Reservoir with two lovely ladies.  4.6 miles?  Day 4 of 5k training?  Eff yes.

Adventure number three?  A reward for my hard work from Pazzo Gelato… European Yogurt (tart-deliciousness) and Ricotta Sour Cherry Gelato.  I got a small, so it doesn’t TOTALLY undo my workout, does it?

photo courtesy of thisisbrandx.com

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