Calligraphy Master

Those of you know know me know that I love paper.  Obsessed even.  Big swirling curly loops of cursive on fine quality paper with a sexy pen?  ::swoon::

For my birthday (in November, mind you…) my wonderful amazingly thoughtful friend got me a calligraphy lesson.  A few days ago, I finally cashed in the lesson and spent hours with the brilliant Lilly Lee, lettering with pencil, pen, a calligraphy pen…  and many many many sheets of layout paper.  I think I’ve found my true calling.

just a few of my practice pages

Malcolm Gladwell says that to become a master at anything, you need 10,000 hours of practice.  So… 8 hours down and 9,992 hours to go until I’m a calligraphy master.  Not that I’m counting.  Don’t be shocked if you run into me drawing letters over and over and over into my graphed notebook.  I’m just working on my flourishes…

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