Welcome to San Francisco

Here I am… living 400 miles from where I posted my last post.  Amazing.

My last night in LA was very special.  So much fun with so many people I love ohsoverymuch.  Made me feel a little nutso for making this move.  But… I am so excited to be here.  Looking out my window into the garden is almost reason enough!  I have so many adventures to come so many people to meet so many places to eat so many places to explore.  (And if anyone has any suggestions, do share!)

And it’s a 45 minute plane ride from home.

view from my new “desk” ie bed

After a little first day insanity (Percy escaping and disappearing for 7 hours… then prancing back in as though nothing happened.  Devil cat.) I’m getting settled in.  I’m living in a Victorian style house near Alamo Square… my room overlooks the back garden, complete with pond, hot tub (perfect for rainy night playtime!) and tons of areas for relaxing and outdoor reading once it warms up a bit.  Perhaps I’ll invest in some cushions for the benches. First though, I need to get a bookshelf, I want a gigantor mirror to do my makeup/hair/etc. and a few attractive looking bins for me to throw purses and scarves in.  Hmmm…

I’ve realized though that I am completely unprepared for the San Francisco damp… ie I have more sundresses than anyone I know and I don’t know how well that is going to translate to the damp wet insanity.  Tights?  Boots?  I need more!  AhhH!

My closet is already packed to the gills (being half the size of ONE of my closets back home)… and being the midge that I am, the bars are so high I have to use a chair to reach them.

Luckily it seems my new rooms are handy (as I said to the man of the apartment… I am not handy.  At all.  Need color scheme advice?  Yes.  Help making jewelry?  Yes.  Calligraphy/handwriting?  For sure!  Butterfly cookies?  Obviously.  Clothing advice?  Absolutely.  Anything having to do with nails or levelers?  Absolutely NOT.) so I’m hoping and praying that if I’m nice enough they’ll help me lower them a bit.  And maybe even help me install a storage shelf?  Perhaps those will require some cookie bribes.  Butterfly and dragonfly cookies.  Or Fleur de Sel chocolate chip cookies?

And for lunch I’m walking to Bi-Rite market.  Eeee!



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