A Bi-Rite Adventure

So before I started my job, I had a couple of days to explore the city.  Best idea ever.  EVER, really.  Monday I strolled on down to Bi-Rite, this INCREDIBLE market that I’ve been reading about, hearing about, thinking about since I was up here for the initial stages of the interview process.

What did I get?  Well the highlight of my trip were some local cheeses as well as french lentils with duck prosciutto… um, hello delicious deli section.  I love you very much.  And your spicy salami sandwich.  I wanted some ice cream to take home but given the 1.5 mile distance from my house + the meltage factor, I decided it was best to hold off on that for another day.


so many oranges!

ok this is the cutest thing in the whole world.  so is my nail polish.

OR for when a Bi-Rite moves in a block from my house this summer.

::warm weather preparation::

Nice thing about San Francisco?  I’m walking everywhere so it seems to be balancing out the food that I’m consuming… which has actually resulted in a bit o weight loss.  Awesometastic!

Oh and… also quite awesometastic?  The flowers that were waiting on my desk my first day of work.

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