The Premiere Weekend…

How much fun did I have my first weekend as a resident of San Francisco?  So much fun!  What can I not believe?  How freaking nice everyone is in this city.

First, I stopped by Hannah Stouffer‘s exhibit at Bell Jar on Friday.  Hannah = awesome.  Hannah’s art = awesome.  Hannah + Hannah’s art = awesome squared.

the flyer

there was even a kissing both

As were my cocktails at Rickhouse with Elizabeth and Marisa.  Btw how are cocktails in San Francisco so freaking cheap.  $8 + $9 for a shmancy cocktail?  Whaaaa???

Saturday consisted of running around the city with Elizabeth and tagging along as she world premiered her AMAZING INCREDIBLE MOVIE THAT YOU HAVE TO SEE called Saigon Electric.  It’s about the hip hop underworld in Vietnam.  Did you know that 50% of the population in Vietnam is under the age of 25?  Crazy!

We had lunch at Tartine (bombdotcom, soppressata salami sammie for E and a pecorino + crushed almond sammie for me) then went for a cocktail at Nopa (can’t wait to eat there!) and ::ahem:: a few more at The Page, my new favorite dive bar.

pecorino + crushed almonds… whaaaaat?

soppressata, fontina + broccoli rabe.  nomnomnom.


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