A Day in the Outer Sunset

It’s so fun being in a dense city that’s also so close to the water.  It seems as though everywhere you look there’s some piece of the ocean peeking out from behind a building, reflecting off of a window, or just right there in front of you.

Only problem with a dense city is that I’m sick.  Again.  So many people on the bus with gross germy germs that my poor LA immune system just can’t handle it.  One little bug and I’m done.

Anyway… the Outer Sunset is like how I imagine Ireland to be – a layer of fog caressing everything you see.  Granted it’s not always foggy in the Outer Sunset, but it the day I was there with Armina.  Since it was drizzling and there was a bit of a wait, we put our names down at Outerlands and meandered our way over to Trouble Coffee Company for a lil something to keep us warm.  Incredible coffee, awesome baristas and a cool website.  You should check it out.

she’s trouble

i didn’t capture the best part… the hodge podge wall
guess you’ll have to go and check it out yourself

how cute!  i like.  bite me.  bite me.  bite me.

Then it was off to General Store for a look at some wares.  And some guy outside the door who was convinced his friend was Jesus.  I think it was the drugs.

from the garden looking in

zee garden

a greenhouse for their terrariums i assume…


I love terrariums.  I’m actually taking a terrarium making workshop in about three weeks at Workshop SF and I am so excited!  Yay art project time!

One our time was up we went back on over to Outerlands.  When you walk into this place it feels like it was created to be up in the mountains but also near the water.  Like you’re in a cabin with a fireplace with the fog coming in from over the water.  It feels like they collected driftwood from the ocean and used it to line the walls.  It’s just so cozy.  And the food… OH the food.

They bake all of their bread fresh and it’s just delicious.  Thick cut.  Crunchy crust.  Soft innards.  Perfectly toasted.  Gooey cheese.  Mmm.

Armina also ordered their hot ginger lemon apple cider… I wish I had gotten a picture.  It was the best.  Ever.  I am going to figure out how to make it and make it every time I’m sick.

Armina’s garlic soup and grilled cheese sammie

my fried egg and bacon open faced sammie with mixed greens

phenom cookies and cute menus

PS I heard a rumor that buffalo live in the Outer Sunset section of Golden Gate Park – down by the windmill.  Will someone come and find them with me?


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