Sandwich Heaven

“A sandwich, unlike a restaurant entrée, is a meal eaten in the hand, sometimes hours after it’s prepared.  It needs to be constructed so that it doesn’t fall apart.  Selecting the right bread is essential – it should be firm enough to absorb moitsure without getting soggy, but not so firm that the contents fall out when you clamp your jaw around it.  Cheese goes next to the bread to reinforce the structure.  Don’t put condiments next to the lettuce, or they will slide off, right onto your shirt.  Greens should go on top, so that they don’t get crushed, as should anything wet (tomato for example), so that the bottom of the sandwich doesn’t get damp.  Place smaller condiments, like pickles (a no go in my book but i’ll leave that in here for all of you pickle hounds), between the meat and the cheese, so that they’re held firmly in place.  It’s attention to details like these that makes the difference between a good dish and a great one, whether it comes between two slices of bread or not.”

-Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortuzar in Saveur’s Sandwich Issue
The most amazing Saveur issue ever.  Dammit I love sammies.

And I REALLY love grilled cheese sammies.  Shmancy grilled cheese sammies especially (although I did have a friend in college who made a killer american cheese grilled cheese on his foreman grill).  So click there if you want some cheeserific guidance.  They used to be called “cheese dreams.”  I think I’m going to have to bring that back.

Guess what’s kind of insane?  I’ve never had a croque monsieur (or madame).  I’ve never even had the desire to try one.  Until this issue.

I could totally go for a Banh Mi right now.

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