Paxton Gate, Miette and Nopa

Paxton Gate is one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever been to.  Ever.  Photography isn’t allowed in the store so you’ll just have to go yourself.  But I did sneak a little picture of an orchid from their greenhouse…

my favorite flower

And I got myself a little something something to commemorate my move here.  But that little beast is so special it deserves its own post.

After some fun shopping at Azalea and picking up a bright red coat at Ver Unica (I’m slowly trying to warm up my wardrobe), Miette was next!  The sweetest little candy store in town.  I felt like we had wandered into a candy store in Paris.  Andrea, Armina and I grabbed some salted caramels (my fave) and chocolate shortbread cookies to tide us over until dinner.

candy flowers


little white candies on pink candy stands!

a candy rainbow

delicious shmancy chocolate

a wall of colorful delights

We rounded out the night at Nopa with cocktails, pork chops and the best burger I’ve had in a while.  I think I found my new Village Idiot burger!  It even comes with pickled onions and house made mayo.  Although Nopa’s is a chipotle mayo… mmm spicy… I’m totally down with that… but not sure which I like better.  Maybe I can like them both for their unique qualities.  Fancy that.

Now I just need to find a new Little Next Door and I’ll be a happy girl.

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