A flower is a flour is a flower

I got rosewater from a Persian grocery in LA forever ago… it was so enticing I couldn’t resist!  I’ve been using little dashes here and there with witch hazel and water as a facial toner, but ever since I picked it up, I’ve been looking for the perfect recipe to use it in.

Well, this month when flipping through Sunset Magazine (I know, how domestic of me) this recipe grabbed my attention.  Strawberry Rose Cupcakes.

Oh em eff gee.

photo courtesy of sunset magazine

I thought something would be a little different about these cupcakes when I saw that they required 25-27 minutes of baking time.  A little long, doncha think?  Well, 25 minutes in they definitely weren’t done.  At 28 they were perfect.

The texture was incredible.  As Nikki in my office said “the texture is a cross between a scone and a cake.”

I love Sunset Magazine.  My favorite Thanksgiving recipe comes from there (yes, I realize it’s totally off-season, but it’s a total cold weather treat so hush up and just make it.  You won’t be disappointed).  Italian Chard Stuffing.  Make it extra delicious by using spicy sausage.  Nomnomnom.

What am I tackling next weekend?  Cupcake pops.  If I can find a good place to get all of my supplies.  Any suggestions?

2 responses to “A flower is a flour is a flower

  1. …a flower is a power, when a plower, flour

  2. I love rosewater. Those cupcakes look fantastic.

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