Popsicles In My Mouth

I love popsicles.  They’re my favorite.  And I’ve been having so much trouble finding decent popsicles in San Francisco.  Come on people.  This is the foodie capital of the world.  Almost.  But… blasted!  The only place I’ve found a good one so far is at Nopalito and while that’s rad and all, I shouldn’t have to go to a restaurant to find a decent popsicle.

look at my cute popsicle molds!

I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.  I settled on these puppies, but after a quick trip on my way home to a grocery store (which shall remain nameless ::coughcough Whole Foods ::coughcough::), the only honeydew melons they had were almost $8 a piece.  Ridiculous.  I settled on a mini watermelon.  Much cheaper.  Just as delicious.  In fact, Watermelon Lime popsicles might be better than Honeydew Lime popsicles.  Just sayin’…


Good decision.  I’m wondering how much more delicious these would be with a little bit of tequila in them…

imagine that sucker in your mouth

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