My Favorite Place

I found my new favorite place in San Francisco – and it goes by the name of Bloomers.  It doesn’t hurt that one of the most amazing people inhabiting San Francisco works there.

daffodils always remind me of alice in wonderland

Scent overtook me the moment I walked in.  I honestly think I gasped when I walked in.  First thing out of my mouth?

This place smells like heaven.

orchids lining the window

Anyone who knows me knows that flowers bring me a joy unlike anything else.  Not roses (unless they’re purple or yellow… red roses are so boring) but peonies and ranunculus and gerber daisies and hyacinths and tiger orchids… bright beautiful colors (since when do I like muted colors?!) with a bright beautiful scent.


peonies, tulips and lilies

Did you know that flowers smell best just before the rain?  Don’t believe me?  Look it up.

purple hyacinth

Take. My. Breathe. Away.

hyacinth sitting on my windowsill, perfuming my room

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