Ribboned Asparagus Salad with Lemon

Ugh asparagus is my favorite.  I could probably eat it at every single meal.  At least once a day.  Maybe twice.

image via smittenkitchen.com

Finding a fresh, fast, easy recipe for asparagus makes my life better.  In fact, this will probably be my first homemade meal after I return from Nueva Yorke. Recipe can be found here (thanks Deb, I follow Smitten Kitchen like a nut).

I started this as a food blog, but as I have less and less time to cook I am noticing it transitioning into more of an inspiration, design, and project-centric blog.  I think I’m ok with that… but I need to get on my shiz and cook more.
I love cooking!

Where is my time going?  Oh yah.  My job.  Volunteering.  Making new friends in a new city.  This attempt I’m making at a side business (dyeing fabrics in the kitchen is so much fun, even if I haven’t had a success yet – bet you’re all wondering what my side project is but I’m not telling).

 And… fantastic escapades are swirling around like sugar plums, dancing in my head.  Keeping me distracted in the most wonderful way.

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