Mom’s Mobile Herb Garden

It’s been a bit of a transition back to San Francisco after I took a quick weekend jaunt back home.  With so much packed into one weekend, I didn’t get to see a lot of people or try any of the new restaurants on my list, but I did get to spend a lot of quality time with the bro and the rest of the fam, which was such a treat.

many a lazy sunday has been enjoyed
under this wisteria-laden trellis

But one thing happened which absolutely tickled my fancy… I discovered my mother’s mobile herb garden.

mobile herb garden

She was tired of her herbs getting ‘sunburned,’ so she put them in the little wagon we used as kids (years later, the wagon is now devoid of the flaming red panels I adored so much) and rolls her mobile herb garden around so they don’t get scorched by the sun.  Brilliant move mamacita.

2 responses to “Mom’s Mobile Herb Garden

  1. O My! That is sooo freaking cute!!!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful?! If I could keep herbs alive I’d totally follow in her footsteps. xo

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