A Francophile Sunday Morning

a break from the rain, the sun came out
just long enough to enjoy a cup of tea

From the perfectly ripe avocado, soon to be lightly dusted with herbed sea salt Peter picked out for me in France to the deliciously scented Mariage Freres Jasmin Mandarin tea my mother sent me over Easter to remind me of our trip to Paris.

Then what am I doing for the rest of my day?

Drying out the garden roses my favorite person Joey Beiss brought me, which is leaving the most pleasant scent to linger in the corners of my room.

garden roses drying from my window

Which reminds me that the luscious magenta peony he brought me just started blooming (a peony in bloom is a sight to brighten up anyone’s Sunday morning.  Unless you have no soul, in which case I hope you don’t read my blog.)

a blooming peony, brightening up my Sunday morning

So off to dreaded housework, beautiful roses and perhaps some jewelry making this afternoon.  But not before another cup of tea.

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