Little French Fudge Cakes

The francophilic Sunday continued, as Nick and I decided to bake D a little welcome back from NY/belated birthday surprise.

too true

An incredibly simple, yet incredibly delicious recipe, Little French Fudge Cakes from The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper is probably one of my favorite chocolate dessert recipes.

first ingredient: lots and lots of chocolate

That and the recipe for devil dog cake from Gourmet Magazine.  Both are mainstays in my kitchen.

second ingredient: a tower of butter

And if you don’t know about The Splendid table, you should.  It is the show for people who love to eat!  Click here.

third ingredient (and a new addition for me as normally i eat it undressed):
nick’s cream cheese frosting, lightly drizzled top.

ok. i lied. i drenched it in frosting. it’s so delicious. i just couldn’t bear to post that picture. so. much. frosting.

And then D came back from NY with a second chocolate cake.  So. Much. Chocolate. Cake.  It’s oozing out my ears.

2 responses to “Little French Fudge Cakes

  1. That cake looks AMAZING!!

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