Freakytastic Awkward Wedding Post

Having a wedding-centric company as one of my clients means I am pretty constantly scoping out wedding blogs, wedding mags and the like.
Not that I’m complaining, it gives me an excuse to do sometime I love doing without feeling like a total freakshow creeper.  Wow, I just admitted that.


Anyway, while perusing my daily inbox of fun newsletters, I came across wedding tips from the girls over at TheKnot as they were relayed to Racked.  First of all – those girls are adorable.  Such cute style!
Second of all, the shared a video of quite possibly the


This is seriously, like… my dream.  Geektastic, I know, but the thought of animal masks on the wedding party and frolicking around the depths of the Natural History Museum totally makes my heart pitter patter.

Seriously. Love this.

Love them.

Want to be their friends.

And a huge plug to Mark Brooke Photography.  I also creeped a bit on them and am totally marshmallowy gooey over their wedding photography.

If you want to know my favorite wedding blogs, I’m happy to share…

3 responses to “Freakytastic Awkward Wedding Post

  1. Luuuuuuuuvvvvvvv it! xoxoox

  2. thanks mamacita…. lluuuuuvvvvv you xo

  3. I totally 100% relate. Miss you teebs! ❤ blowfish

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