Mint Limeade

Mmm summer refresher!  After seeing “11 summer drinks to keep you cool,” in my inbox this morning from food52, I knew one of them would HAVE to happen today.  Summer did officially start a good 5 days ago and I haven’t made one mention of it!  Woe is me!

topped off with a spring of fresh mint

So, after seeing some fantastic looking mint at the Farmer’s Market this afternoon, I grabbed some limes and made this unbelievable Mint Limeade recipe.  Recipe note: I only made half the amount of simple syrup as I’m not a huge sweets girl, but if you love sweet go for it!  And, I used sugar in the raw – trying to get refined sugar out of my LIFE.  It’s no bueno for your cuerpo.

piggy feels slightly emasculated next to such a large glass

(Seriously, so many good ideas come from my daily food52 emails – like this homemade fried dough recipe.  A couple of weeks ago I had something similar at Bar Tartine with dill tzatziki sauce on top and was wondering how to make it! And now I know how! Delicious perfection!)

Roomie rooms come home I’m ready for steak night.  Nomnomnom.

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