Friday Night Tequila Cocktails

I’m a cocktail girl.  Always have been, have a feeling I always will be.  For the most part, I’m all about tequila.
I’ll mix it up a little bit, but blanco on the rocks with a couple squeezes of lime is my jam.

Kind of like Lindsay and her Johnny Walker Black on the rocks.  Baller.

I like to mix it up sometimes though.  Sometimes.  Like when it’s Friday night and I’m not feeling like such a baller.

But, sadness spurns creativity, right?!  Tell me it’s so.  It must be so.
It inspired this phenomenal concoction that is all my own.  Look at me now!

ugh i need to replace my broken camera

Recipe is as follows:
1 1/2 oz tequila (good tequila. obvs. i prefer blanco. corazon blanco is delish.)
1/2 freshly squeeze navel orange
splash of soda water
serve over ice

Hope you like this as much as we do… that’s how good it is.  Getting ready to go out an I’m still blogging about it.

And this is what we’re listening to.  The blog’s pretty great too.

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