Napa Napa Napa

My parents were in town SO long ago and it’s taken me THIS long to post about it but it was SO much fun.  Jeez they are the best.  Listen to me bragging.

These are some pics from our Napa day, starting with lunch at Bouchon which was pretty effing phenomenal.  I had this insane halibut open faced sandwich with pickled nectarines and pickled onions but my fave was the Coconut Kaffir Lime Pot de Creme that we had for dessert, absolutely saturated in lemongrass.

walk up lunch at the bar at Bouchon

Then a wander through Thomas Keller’s gardens.

these are thomas keller’s veggies

and these are his chickens

and these are his wildly growing artichokes

Then we made a stop at the fantastic Michael Polenske’s Ma(i)sonry before heading to Long Meadow Ranch.  Only a special person could put together a place like Ma(i)sonary.  Hence why Michael could create Mas(i)sonary.

chef’s table

I could eat at that chef’s table every day.  And the curation of the gallery is just insane – from limited edition books from Assouline and Taschen to whale and giraffe vertebrae (have you ever seen one?! it’s incredible!) to gorgeous gorgeous art accompanied by a glass of Michael’s own wine from Blackbird Vineyards.

Such a special day.  Part II coming soon.

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