Napa Napa Napa Part Deux

So, thennnnn we went to Long Meadow Ranch to see Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, part of a fun thing LMR is doing with Outside Lands.  My mom compared Nicki to someone famous singer with a beautifully gravely voice but I can’t remember whom.  Ooops.  But you should check her out.  I’m a fan.

lmr’s farmstead restaurant

they also grow deliciousness

omg yum

The madre commented how nice it was to see so many restaurants practicing what they preach, to actually see the farms where they’re growing the produce they’re using in the restaurant.  A lot of restaurants talk about that, but you don’t get to see it so first hand.  Not going to lie – it’s pretty incredible.

We made sure to drink some wine.

lmr sauvignon blanc

big big big big big kisses

Then we drove back into San Francisco and had the most incredible dinner at Ragazza with their friend Julia from their Bhutanese Yak Trek. Yes you read that right.

Anyway during that meal I think died and went to heaven.  And I think a bit of my soul might still be lingering up there.

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