I’m Back

I think. Kind of. I’m not sure.

I went through this weird period where I got, well… bored I guess is the right term… of taking pictures of food and writing about food and just kind of documenting my foodieness (which btw is hilarious because that word seems to be loathed far and wide by everyone in the food industry, food critics especially, those lovable grumps).

Anyway. I haven’t been cooking much. I’ve been on this weird quasi-quesadilla trip and that’s really all I want to eat for dinner every night with a load of spinach on top. And avocados. And hot sauce. Man that sounds disgusting but I promise it’s not.

There I go on yet another tangent.  The point of this is to say that recently I’ve been exploding with creativity and all I want to do is paint and poke holes in things.

I thought as a hello I’m back move I’d share a sneaky peek of the type of thing I’ve been doing.

Imagesometimes you just want to paint inside the lines

Yes I realize I just colored in some things with paint but that’s what I want to do.  And I’m really happy about it.  And I’m really happy playing with color combinations and not really worrying about what I’m doing.  And I like painting feathers.  So there.

I’ve also decided to make some bags.  For reals this time.  I just need an awl and a chisel so I can poke some holes in some leather.  That’s what I mean by I just want to go poke holes in things.

I’ll post some pics of the bags in process once I’m more… there.

Thank you Cassandra for leaving me some leather. You’ve inspired me.

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