Smoother Than A Baby’s Bottom

Dude.  I effing love Asian beauty products.  Like… love love.

TatiHekmati and I also went on a little adventure to Japantown (after seeing the superawesometastic movie Young Adult) and went a lil nuts in Ichiban Kan, resulting in the purchase of a plethora of Naisture 15minutes: mask packs.
At $1 a pop who can blame me?

I used “Lovely Strawberry” last night and my skin is, as the saying goes, smoother than a baby’s bottom.  F’real.

The description is pretty hilarious:
Strawberry rich in vitamins controls your excessive sebum and keeps your skin smooth.  Triple cushion sheets with an excellent feeling on skin contact help absorption of the essence.

Control that excessive sebum!  Hilarity aside, the mask indeed felt like it was infused with the essence of strawberries.  And not in a nasty fake-strawberry way.

It smelled like a strawberry in this kind of way:

nomnomnom strawberries

Actually, more in this kind of way:

Want to know another little Asian beauty product secret?  Of course you do!

Get some DHC Olive Leaf Milk for that pretty little face of yours.  Olive leaf has so many good-for-you properties.  I take Olive Leaf pills when I’m getting sick and it stops sicky in its tracks.  And on your face?  Oh man.  Beautiful skin here you come!

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