New Year New You?

Or same, but slightly improved you?

I prefer the latter.

I honestly don’t know if I like New Year’s resolutions.  People put huge hopes and promises on paper and then feel deflated if they haven’t accomplished everything on their list.

I personally feel like it’s much more beneficial to take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned from the previous year and build on that.  I’ve learned quite a bit about myself in this past year (and the year before oof) so I feel like I have quite a bit to go on.

i want this bike

I was super happy spending the first day of 2012 on a vintage beach cruiser, bopping around Golden Gate Park wearing ridiculously oversized sunglasses (of course), eating a copious amount of brussels sprouts, watching Pretty Woman and reading out loud and giggling about Why Men Love Bitches with the gorgeous, delightful, energetic, fashionable and ohsovery wise
Lindsay Meyer.

Can you tell I kind of have a girl crush on her?  It’s only fitting.

So, did you make any resolutions?

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