The Perfect Leather Jacket

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect leather jacket for… years it seems.

No, not it seems.  It has been years.  Legitimately.  I can never find the right fit, color, price, etc. because man those suckers are expensive and I’m so effing picky.

But, I have some extremely exciting news.  I found the perfect leather jacket.

And then I bought it.

my new VEDA leather jacket

Lindsay and I hit up Jeremy’s epic post-Christmas sale, did some serious digging and found this leather jacket… for an absurd 77% off.  I actually bought it in ivory but couldn’t find the picture so you got stuck with this one.  Whoops.

It feels like butter.  Seriously.  Rich, smooth, buttery leather.  And this little one is such a sucker for tactility.


I never want to take it off.  Ever.

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