But First, Coffee

Lazy Sundays are delightful (not that this Sunday has been particularly lazy) but I’ve gotten a pretty nice Sunday rhythm going for myself.

I wake up and go to yoga, then on my way home swing by the farmer’s market for some produce and then about 1/2 of the time I’ll also treat myself to a delicious wild Alaskan salmon sandwich from the SF Grill’s booth.  Today was ridiculously cold so the lovely Frenchman who always wears the most awesomest stunna shades in the world let me stand by the grill and warm my hands thankyouthankyou Frenchie.Anyway, as per usual I digress. Usually by about 3 pm on Sunday I get a little shaky and a little tired and realize whoops this little panda hasn’t had any caffeine today so I whip up some sort of delicious coffee treat – the kind you only make when you have a little extra time on your hands.

Sometimes it’s just a regular latte (I really need a frother those things a killer) but today oh man I went a little cray cray and made myself a little mocha and it went a little something like this:


1. brew a cup of coffee (i use this, an x-mas gift from little teebs last year)
2. warm up 1/3 cup milk
3. combine warm milk with 1 tbsp hot chocolate power
(tcho drinking chocolate is my favorite, it’s just absurd it’s so delicious – i used to like scharffen berger but then hershey’s bought it and now it blows)
4.  pour your piping hot coffee into your chocolate drink mixture
make sure to pet your kitty a little during this process, she has a tendency to get a little jealous when you’re paying attention to anything but her
5. take a little sip of your delicious drink and BAM taste a little piece
of heaven in your mouth

Oh and, you might notice to the right of my coffee concoction a little spray bottle and let me tell you that stuff is my favorite.  It’s the Durance en Provence
Brume d’Oreiller (pillow perfume) in Tisane du Soir (evening herbal tea) that I bought in Paris years ago.  If I’m having some trouble going to sleep, or am just feeling the need for a little something special, I give my pillows a little spritz and off I float into dreamland.

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