My First Pie!

So I baked my first pie the other night.  Can you believe it?
I’ve never made a pie.  Until now!

It’s probably because I loathe fruit pies.  I just can’t.  The crust, for sure, delicious. The cooked fruit inside of the pie… ugh.  Makes my skin crawl.

But then just the other day I got a recipe for a fruitless pie, a Sweet Tea pie (haha sweetie pie), in my inbox from the glorious Tasting Table.  That signaled that it was time to dive into pie-making territory.

a prettier pie than mine

The pie is absurdly delicious.  Absurdly absurd.  But jeeezus it wasn’t pretty,
so I used the image from Tasting Table to hide my ugly pie shame.

And just because I can’t make a pretty pie, it doesn’t mean that
yours won’t be absolutely gorgeous.

2 responses to “My First Pie!

  1. Dude, cosigned on the fruit pie nastiness. But this “sweet tea pie” business? No idea what’s in it, but I’d hit it.

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