Brown Sugar Brown Butter Cookies = Love

Sometimes you get invited to a last minute event – be it a dinner party, birthday party, et cetera – and want to bring a little something something as a
“Hello, I love you.”

While wine is absolutely lovely, (and believe me, I love a bottle of wine when throwing a dinner party) I think it’s sweet to bring something homemade.
But, when you’ve been invited to a last minute get-together, that can prove to be just a little bit difficult.

Do not despair – there is a solution!
They’re called brown sugar brown butter cookies.
Um, yum.

browning some butter

They take a couple of hours of chill time (1 hour of butter chill, 1 hour of dough chill) but you can get primp and prepare in between the chillage.  Which is exactly what I do.  Beautiful.

cookies in a mason jar

Just add a mason jar and some ribbon and you’ve got a prezzie!

bow time

2 responses to “Brown Sugar Brown Butter Cookies = Love

  1. waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I left Ohio before I got my prezzzzieeeee!

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