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Lavender Martini

I could so go for one of these right now…

lavender martini from post ranch inn

Love Poems

Look at what my mom and I picked up in Big Sur…

love poems

A beautifully designed book for a beautiful collection of poetry.


Sunday Farmer’s Market Flowers

A very, very strange thing has happened.

yellow spider mums!!!

It is warm and beautiful in San Francisco… in January nonetheless!

the windowsill creatures are in complete enjoyment

And this little monster is taking FULL advantage.  Yoga + farmer’s market (+ a salmon burger nomnomnom) + milky tea + open windows + my new pen nibs + inks = a sunny Sunday dream

look at all of the new nibs + inks i get to play with!

The Perfect Leather Jacket

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect leather jacket for… years it seems.

No, not it seems.  It has been years.  Legitimately.  I can never find the right fit, color, price, etc. because man those suckers are expensive and I’m so effing picky.

But, I have some extremely exciting news.  I found the perfect leather jacket.

And then I bought it.

my new VEDA leather jacket

Lindsay and I hit up Jeremy’s epic post-Christmas sale, did some serious digging and found this leather jacket… for an absurd 77% off.  I actually bought it in ivory but couldn’t find the picture so you got stuck with this one.  Whoops.

It feels like butter.  Seriously.  Rich, smooth, buttery leather.  And this little one is such a sucker for tactility.


I never want to take it off.  Ever.

New Year New You?

Or same, but slightly improved you?

I prefer the latter.

I honestly don’t know if I like New Year’s resolutions.  People put huge hopes and promises on paper and then feel deflated if they haven’t accomplished everything on their list.

I personally feel like it’s much more beneficial to take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned from the previous year and build on that.  I’ve learned quite a bit about myself in this past year (and the year before oof) so I feel like I have quite a bit to go on.

i want this bike

I was super happy spending the first day of 2012 on a vintage beach cruiser, bopping around Golden Gate Park wearing ridiculously oversized sunglasses (of course), eating a copious amount of brussels sprouts, watching Pretty Woman and reading out loud and giggling about Why Men Love Bitches with the gorgeous, delightful, energetic, fashionable and ohsovery wise
Lindsay Meyer.

Can you tell I kind of have a girl crush on her?  It’s only fitting.

So, did you make any resolutions?

It’s Christmas at 1257

Just look at the amazingness Nick put together

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Love TatiHekmati. And these. And you!

TatiHekmati came and visited me this weekend and we had an effing blast.
If every weekend was like this past weekend, I’d never leave San Francisco.


Then again, I’d probably end up at Betty Ford, broke and obese, stuffed full of wine, Tartine’s chocolate pudding, Redwood Room’s heinously strong cocktails (and I mean that in the most wonderful way possible) and Ragazza’s butternut squash rigatoni with brown butter sage & fontina within approximately twopointfive months.


Wheeee I love my friends.