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Dreaming of Summer

All of this rain (it’s been raining for a week straight, Lindsay says San Francisco is crying because of my departure) has me dreaming of warmer weather.

This morning I finally woke up to sunshine.

bowl o’sunshine

While windy and freeeezing outside, it is warm and sunny in my sunlight-drenched room, calling for my current favorite breakfast, a bowl of sliced mangoes topped with chopped almonds and coconut milk.

Oh yes, and that is knitting you see.  Just a little project I’m working on, to wear on an upcoming trip… for my new job…

I’m being mysterious, aren’t I?

Lavender Martini

I could so go for one of these right now…

lavender martini from post ranch inn

French Fries are Delicious

But I should be eating these instead.

crispy sunchokes

parsnip sticks with harissa & cayenne

sweet potato fries with sriracha & creme fraiche

Want to make all of them.  CruncySpicySwag.

More images and recipes at


I can’t wait to see this

Brown Sugar Brown Butter Cookies = Love

Sometimes you get invited to a last minute event – be it a dinner party, birthday party, et cetera – and want to bring a little something something as a
“Hello, I love you.”

While wine is absolutely lovely, (and believe me, I love a bottle of wine when throwing a dinner party) I think it’s sweet to bring something homemade.
But, when you’ve been invited to a last minute get-together, that can prove to be just a little bit difficult.

Do not despair – there is a solution!
They’re called brown sugar brown butter cookies.
Um, yum.

browning some butter

They take a couple of hours of chill time (1 hour of butter chill, 1 hour of dough chill) but you can get primp and prepare in between the chillage.  Which is exactly what I do.  Beautiful.

cookies in a mason jar

Just add a mason jar and some ribbon and you’ve got a prezzie!

bow time

The Cookbook Shelf – I Need More!

Chefs talking about their cookbooks collections?  How am I just finding out about this??!!??

This is so exciting.  I love cookbooks.  I think my head just exploded.
It’s only the third installment (over the course of four months) but seeeeriously, c’mon guys, I need more.

Queue The Cookbook Collection from Eater.

image courtesy of eater

Per Sara Moulton:
“If a cookbook doesn’t have 200 recipes, it’s not a serious cookbook.”
I mean, I couldn’t agree more, but does it have to be serious to be enjoyable?

Golly Gee Willikers this is an exciting discovery.

Shake Rattle and Roll

or, How to Peel Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Thanks Todd – this instantly solves the worlds’ garlic peeling problems!
My mother will be particularly happy.  She loathes peeling garlic.