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Good morning to Ewe

Every person should have one place they are able to go and forget about everything else that is happening in the world.  A place to recharge and reevaluate, where nothing else can get in the way.  For me, that place is Central California.

to the south

to the north

That fact that I don’t get cell phone service or internet in Cayucos or at the Rinconada Dairy makes me love it that much more.

hello friends

I’ve written about them before, but visiting Jim and Christine on the Rinconada Dairy has always been one of my favorite things to do.  They are the most incredible people in the world, and looking at the pictures below, how can you not want to just go and escape with them?

good morning to ewe

the persimmon tree

mmm… can’t wait to cook with these suckers

gorgeous – i think we ate this with dinner?

Christine is a fabulous cook, and I love watching her throw together various colors, flavors and textures.  She is a huge advocate for using real food and local ingredients.  One of these springs, I am going to go live with them and learn the art of cheese making.


Yet another person whose life I want to lead

Annie Novak – Urban Farmer at Eagle Street Farm in Brooklyn.

Bunnies, bees and produce, oh my!

Eff you and my love for you The Selby.